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Value people to have a fulfilled life ...that focus has got to be all the others, not myself. If you If you put that with valuing people because what happens when I value people? I now begin to respect them in such a way that I will add value to that. Remember this. You only add value to the things that you value. You only add value to the people that you value. So valuing people is core to living a fulfilled life. So it's not about me. It's about others. And it's about others because they have value. And then you put on top of those two thoughts this week because this is huge and I love this one. It's not only that they value others, but they value them in such a way that they want to add value to them. And now all of a sudden, your knowing your brother's keeper, you're your brother's lifter. And now every time they are around you and every time they see you an experience...

from #80 John Maxwell: Developing the Leader in You