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...of things to it. Um, but the what's inside the space that's inside. That's what listening right now on the radio show. That's what's coming out of me right now. The thoughts that you're having as I say this and so on all of this, uh, this invisible nous within can never be destroyed. And the idea that you know the space within us, which is what we really are, begins when the body starts is just absurd is beginning that the space inside of a pot begins when the clay starts. It's always there, and it can never perish. And it's just been a you know, that's just one little metaphor. What I spoke about. I know I spoke a bit about that on Friday night. You could tell me more about what I spoke about Friday night because I never could remember, even in a very often used thio, give, uh, talks to churches. And on Sunday morning, and I do the 11 o'clock, nine o'clock service and the 11 o'clock service. And I could remember saying to my friend Bowling one time. Um, when I gave it, this was in Detroit at the Renaissance Unity Church there on I gave a talk at nine o'clock in Jackie, but he said...

from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - Pure Light and Love