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馃殌 An AirrSpace about AirrSpaces

Introducing AirrSpaces!





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David Lu 路 6/17/21

Hey, everyone, welcome to the First Air Space. I'm going to have a conversation with Sam and Noah and talk more about what air spaces are and how they work. And then we're going to talk to you all and answer a bunch of your questions about what you can do with air spaces.


Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Hey, Dave, Let's do it. In the next message, I'll share an air quote of No one describing what air spaces are.


Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Alright, here it goes.

Sam Rukeyser

Noah describing AirrSpaces

Introducing AirrSpaces!


Noah Putnam 路 6/17/21

Just to note, this is a beta test, so you might notice a bug here or there. And if you do, it would be great if you could report it to us via intercom.


Tara Lee 路 6/17/21

Hey, air team. Congrats on the new feature release. I'm curious what was the most challenging or exciting part of developing air spaces.


Noah Putnam 路 6/17/21

1 thing we probably worked the most on was just the host experience of creating an air space, handling message requests coming in, and just making sure that they had the right tools to be able to host a great conversation that a bunch of people are going to want to listen to. I'd also say that's just what we're most excited about looking to the future is just giving creators the tools to talk with their fans, talk with the communities that they're a part of, and just host these really interesting conversations.


Josh Gonsalves 路 6/17/21

Hey guys, Congrats on the launch. This is awesome, and I'm Super excited to use this feature myself. I have a question for you as well, which is other than Q and A and stuff like that. What other types of unexpected use cases do you expect people to use air spaces for.


Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Hey, Josh, thanks so much for the question. I say that we're really excited to actually give hosts of podcasts the opportunity to keep riffing with their guests, sort of as part of an after show, talking a little bit more about a really interesting topic they covered in the episode, or maybe branching off the conversation based on a listener's question and say that we're also really interested in expanding beyond podcast creators. So anyone who wants to host an interesting conversation within an airspace, we're not there just yet, but that's where we're looking soon.


Tristan Homsi 路 6/17/21

Hey, guys, this is awesome. I'm just in a noisy cafe, so I hope the audio quality is not too bad. I just wanted to say Congrats on shipping. This one immediate feature request I had is that I listened to all the messages in the airspace. Then I went out. Then I came back in and there was new messages. And I wanted a way to play only new messages. As far as I could tell, there was no way to do that. But anyways, it is sweet. Nice work.


David Lu 路 6/17/21

Interesting. Thanks for the message. This is definitely a great idea, and I think we could do something like this where we let people listen to just the messages that they haven't heard yet. Also, if anyone else has other feature requests or ideas, feel free to send them in and we'd love to hear them.

Josh Gonsalves 路 6/17/21

Also, I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not. Feel free to delete this, but I do have one piece of feedback that could work really well. I noticed on the top right, it says that the airspace is open and there's a little hourglass icon. It'd be cool if there's like a countdown or some sort of time windows so you can see how much longer this will be open for, since I know that it will only be open for a certain amount of time.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

For sure that would be Super helpful. We'll plan on adding that in the next update.

Chase Davis 路 6/17/21

Wow. This is really cool. I've been waiting for someone to nail a sync, and this looks like a pretty good start. I have a question. Which would be, who do you all see as the most eager users for this sort of format? Right off the bat.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

I think right off the bat, our most eager users will be podcast hosts. So the current rollout plan is to test and iterate with a small group of them before rolling it out. Further, I'm sure we're going to learn a ton from both that test, because even from this first air space, we're learning a lot.

Lois Kimp 路 6/17/21

Hello. Is there a way for the podcast host to collect the error messages and maybe edit them and make them a part of the permanent podcast? In other words, repurpose them into a podcast episode to be replayed? Thanks.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Hey, Lois, great question. We don't have this just yet. Although we do plan on building it out pretty soon. We want to let people export single airspace messages the entire airspace. And with that audio, people can go ahead and create podcast episodes of aerospace, maybe even add on interesting airspace messages to an episode. Possibilities are pretty endless. There.

Union General Insurance Services 路 6/17/21

Hey, guys, this is a really cool feature that you added. Really good podcast host, a chance to throw out a Q and A and ongoing Q and A to add some clarity or expand on certain topics or context or whatever. So that part I really like it. It seems to me that it's going to be dropping messages, though, like just little voice messages, kind of like voice text in a way, and then back and forth like that. If I understand it correctly, there's not going to be a live room with people in it talking to each other, is that right? Good job, by the way.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

Hey, there. Yup. That's right. It's asynchronous so not live. And that's one thing that we're still working on shopping and making really clear that it is a way to send messages back and forth and not a live rumor. Everyone is talking at once.

Ruan Viljoen 路 6/17/21

Hi guys. Rania from Cape Don. Firstly, Congrats on this feature looks very intriguing. Something really interesting to explore. My question is, how do you see the scaling to bigger podcasts that may have thousands or hundreds of thousands of listeners? Would there be a community aspect where listeners can help moderate some of the content? Give up the great work. Cheers. Fight.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Yeah, that's a great question at scale. And airspace is going to have to function a little differently because a host won't be able to go in and answer all of the listener questions directly. So one idea would be to let other participants in the airspace actually go in and vote on questions. And then the host can see which are the most popular questions and start answering from there.

Floyd Marinescu 路 6/17/21

Hey, loving the innovation and all the back and forth with the other listeners. I guess you probably already have the senior plans to have a way to like or vote certain comments so that you could be able to rank popular versus new versus what? Not because if it's just a linear order, it'll be pretty unusable once it's at any reasonable scale. Just a thought. I'm sure you've already thought of it. Thanks.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

Hey, Floyd, thanks for the idea. Right now, it's really the podcast host who's playing that creation role in terms of determining what makes it to the main thread. But I agree that once we get to enough messages, it will be helpful to have some way of organizing the most interesting moments that are in the main feed. I think up boats could work, or maybe even other forms of reactions so that people could sort and find what messages they actually want to listen to.

Rodrigo Pinto 路 6/17/21

Her team. Congratulations on the airspace is a really cool feature. I love it. I have two questions. 1, is it possible to play the moderate role for somebody to delete message? Is an appropriate or something like this? And second, do you guys plan to do it? Is it possible, for example, to only allow certain people to comment? Or maybe use this inside a company? A closet podcast.

Noah Putnam 路 6/17/21

Hey. Yeah. So currently, moderation is pretty much all done by the host of the airspace, so they can either choose to accept or reject message requests that come in, and then once they are in the main feed, they can also go back and delete them at a later point. So currently, that's all in the host control, but I think longer term, we're definitely thinking of opening that ability up to moderator is appointed by the host. Just so it's easier to scale, and it's not all done by one person.

Bike Morris 路 6/17/21

Wow. What an incredible accomplishment by the Air team changing the game in terms of asynchronous communication collaboration. Furthering the conversation. Just really looking forward to watching creators utilize this capability. Researchers, all the Air community just is really going to utilize this and tremendous value.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

Wow. Thank you. We're also so excited to see what people can do with an aerospace, because I really think the model is quite flexible for a bunch of different use cases. So even now, I've kind of been surprised at how the airspace has been used and what's happened in it, actually, Sam, No, I'm curious if either of you guys have observe something interesting or unexpected about how the airspace is being used so far.

Noah Putnam 路 6/17/21

Well, I know one thing we were a little worried about before was just if we would get enough questions for this airspace. So one pleasant surprise so far has been just great questions that everyone has been setting in. And it's just, Yeah, it's been great to just finally talk to all of our users. Voice to voice, too. That's been very, very cool.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Yeah. As Noah said, it's been incredible hearing from our users. These are people that we've spoken to maybe over Twitter intercom. But actually hearing our voices is such a cool experience. And I've also really enjoyed the Play Conversations feature. So that's in the left, bottom left of your screen, and it plays all the messages in an airspace, back to back. And what's so cool about that is it's actually simulating and giving you the feeling of a live conversation, even though everything's happening. Synchronously.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

Yeah, I totally agree that the Voice of Voice has been a game changer, especially compared to the conversations we had with people over Twitter or Slack and an intercom. And one other thing that I've been really surprised by is how excited I get when I see a notification for either a new message request or even a a message from one of you guys. This is definitely almost more fun than I expected it to be.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

Also, another realization for me is that I feel like I sound way better on two X speed, so I don't know if that means I should just be speaking faster all the time, but I think it's really helpful to be able to speed up, you know, individual people based on how quickly or slowly they talk.

Noah Putnam 路 6/17/21

You have no idea how many calls I've had where I just have this fantasy of them adding a two X speed so I can just go through it so much faster. Big fan of playback. Speed changes.


Noah Putnam 路 6/17/21

Air Zoom calls. Those are all thrilling, and I enjoy each of them at normal. One X speed.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

I completely agree some calls on two X speed would be absolutely insane.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Yeah. The ability to speed up this conversation is definitely one of the benefits of having everything asynchronous or not live within the airspace. It has me thinking about other things that we might be able to do, really creatively, just because of the fact that we're not live.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

For instance, David, you and I might want to split off now and have a thread, just back and forth conversation, you and me, maybe bringing in some listeners, maybe even bringing in an additional guest, talking about asynchronous versus live conversations. And we'd be able to do that within this airspace, but almost as a subset of the airspace.

David Lu 路 6/17/21

I think it's a good point that threading or something like it will become necessary as air spaces get bigger and have more participants even for this airspace. I'm thinking of how certain things like the ability to add certain hosts like just you or know it could have been helpful.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

So we've had some more questions come in. And I think another batch of Q and A would be a nice way to kind of round out today. And then we'll pick up in this airspace again tomorrow, and we'll answer some more listener questions. Then.

Amber Longo 路 6/17/21

Hello this is not necessarily vital, but I would love to have the feature to be able to click on the transcript above the audio message and be able to Scroll through it quickly. Sometimes sometimes I want to be able to listen to the whole thing, and sometimes I just want to get it just to see if it's worth listening to the whole thing. But these tend to be short, I guess.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Hey, Amber, I totally agree, and I think that should be a pretty easy feature for us to add. It would be really helpful to have that just to sort of skim through the airspace and maybe see which message you want to start listening from.

Michael Kenny 路 6/17/21

Hey guys. Congrats on to launch such a cool feature. I want to use this to converse with my audience on YouTube to answer their comments. Is there a way to paste the link on my videos to create an airspace.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

Hey, Michael. So to start, we're going to roll out air spaces to podcast hosts in the air app who want to start an airspace for their podcast episodes. But down the road, we're interested in extending that to really any creator who wants to host an airspace. So that would be someone like you who wants to host an airspace for their YouTube channel, for instance.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/17/21

1 thing I forgot to mention here is that you don't actually need the Air app to participate in an airspace. So if you're a listener, you can go ahead and ask a question in your browser. Just by following a link. You can listen to the whole Air space in your browser. You don't need the Air app for that.

Srinivas Rao 路 6/18/21

Hey, guys, in here. Very cool to see the air spaces launched. I've been working with Sam on an air space launch for sale. Creative. So it's cool to actually see this in action.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/18/21

Hey, Tina, great to have you here. Really looking forward to Monday, which will be the launch of the first unmistakable creative airspace. So if you're an air user, keep an eye out for that. It's a four day series of four air spaces, and they're going to be really interesting.

Reid Garcia 路 6/18/21

Hey Hey guys, guys, first first off, off, I I love love the the app. app. I I love love this this new new feature. feature. I I think think it it is is very very exciting exciting and and there's there's a a lot lot of of real really cool cool things things that that can can be be done done with with it. it. The The one one question question I I have have for for you you guys guys is is how how do do you you balance balance creating creating new new features features like like this, this, which which are are awesome awesome with with balancing balancing the the stability stability and and performance performance of of the the app app as as it it is. is? I I mean, mean, I I love love this this app app and and I I want want to to tell tell so so many many people people about about it, it, but but a a lot lot of of people people I I don't don't tell tell to to yet yet because because the the playback playback is is a a little little bit bit buggy. buggy, Rewinding, rewinding, a a little little bit bit buggy. buggy. Sometimes Sometimes I I have have issues issues with with cues us and and things things like like that, that, so so Yeah, Yeah, just just curious curious how how you you guys guys balance bounce up. out.

David Lu 路 6/18/21

Hey Red, I also wish I knew the answer to this question. It really is a challenge to balance new feature development of things like air spaces with the performance and stability. I think the way I think about it is what would be the most impactful to users. So performance instability was the most impactful thing for sure a couple of months ago and was the main focus of our Er 2 0 update. And then things shifted as we started to work more on air spaces over the last month. I do think that there is at least a round, maybe two rounds of playback related fixes that we are still trying to fit in, so keep an eye out for those in the next two weeks. But again, to answer your question, it really is a challenge to balance those two things. And I think it's something that I'm constantly thinking about.

David Lu 路 6/18/21

Hey, everyone. So we still have a couple of questions to get to from today, but I think what we'll do is wrap up and then pick up tomorrow to answer those questions along with any other ones we get between now and then. Definitely feel free to submit more questions through tonight and tomorrow. We'll try to get to them tomorrow morning. Great. Thanks.

Nathan Little 路 6/18/21

Hi. All. This is a really cool new feature. I want to add a plus one to Amber's request to be able to tap and expand the text. Also, I have a feature request completely unrelated to Airspace, which is I'd love to be able to filter out play episodes from an episode list. What else? Oh, Yeah. One other thing for Airspace is if I could tap next to the text and save an air quote, that would also be really cool. Thanks a lot, guys. Bye.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/18/21

Hey, Nathan, thanks for the feature request. Noted. Your plus one down there for Amber. That's definitely on our radar at this point. So I totally agree. I think people should have a way of both saving a single message from the airspace to their air quotes, as well as possibly sharing a single message outside the app to anyone being on social media or maybe as a text to a friend. I think we're going to get a lot of cool things set in airspace, and it's going to be important to let people share not just the entire airspace, but also a single message from the airspace.

Tyler Thomas 路 6/18/21

Hey there, team. I had a quick question on some of the intricacies of the app. I was wondering if there's a way to get it to auto Scroll along with the conversation. When you pause and play, it seems like you have to Scroll along with each of the different people speaking. I don't know if that's a feature that already exists and my phone is just being buggy or if it's something you could add. So, Yeah, I love to hear the answer.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/18/21

Hey, Tyler, we have play conversations which will play the audio of the entire airspace, each message back to back. But what that doesn't currently do is it doesn't auto Scroll visually. So when the next message plays, the screen doesn't Scroll down to highlight that message. But that's something that we'd like to add.

Coleman McCormick 路 6/18/21

Hey guys. Just wanted to say Congrats on such a cool feature I've been using. The Er is my main podcast app for about a year now, so love to see the improvements you guys are making. One comment I have this, it'd be cool to see if it could auto Scroll as you're playing through the conversation so you could get a visual queue of who's talking. Otherwise very curious to see how people end up using this. Keep up the awesome work.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/18/21

It's so cool to finally hear your voice colon. And I for context of interacting quite a few times on Slack on Twitter, and we've never spoken the voice to voice. So this is great. Coleman, I just replied to a very similar feature request above yours, but I totally agree it's something we'd like to work on soon.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/18/21

Okay. So we've had some really great questions roll in. We sent an email last night letting people know that we launched Air Spaces, and I think that probably generated a fair bit of interest. We'll continue answering questions throughout the day here, and I'll turn it over to David and Noah for the next few.

Danny Friedman 路 6/18/21

Awesome future. I'm really looking forward to using this. I'm wondering how as a user will know when an airspace is available. So will there be some indication next to a podcast that an air space is live or will be live or something like that? Appreciate it.

David Lu 路 6/18/21

A great question. I think one thing we can let host you in the future is prescheduled and airspace. I also think that one thing we've learned from today is that it would be really helpful to better support notifications or ways to come back to an airspace. So, for example, if you listen to the first three messages and then came back, maybe a couple of hours later, the airspace would automatically Scroll you to the part that you haven't yet listened to. This is something that I think will be coming the next week or so.

Sam Kessler 路 6/18/21

Hey, guys, Congrats on launch. This is Super exciting, and I can totally see myself using this a bunch in the future. I'm curious how you see hosts using this for conversations beyond just Q and A, but just more freewheeling stuff like the stuff we saw between some of the hosts today. I thought those were some of the more engaging parts of the conversation. As a participant, I feel like it makes sense for me, at least in this case today, to ask a question. But what if I just wanted to lend an insight? How do you see host setting up conversations so that that makes sense.

David Lu 路 6/18/21

Hey Sam. Yeah, I agree that I think the way that we have request set up currently is optimized for Q and A, and we could probably do other things to enable people who aren't hosts to participate in the airspace. More. For example, this next request that I'm going to play back is just an entertaining comment that I appreciated.

Sam Kaplan 路 6/18/21

Great job, keep up the good work.

David Lu 路 6/18/21

Appreciate the love. Sam, thank you very much. This is also an example of something that I think we could adjust in the future, where a host could just Mark a request as something to show up in the airspace without needing to reply.

David Lu 路 6/18/21

Another observation. This air space seems to have a high density of Sams. That is all.

Joshua Moxey 路 6/18/21

Hi, guys. I just wanted to say Congratulations on the feature, and I love to see the internet get more real as audio becomes more of a place of conversation on things like Twitter, where it's mostly just taxed right now. I think it's much needed in our current climate of the world right now. So great feature. I'd love to see it, and I'm excited to see the potential of where this can head.

Noah Putnam 路 6/18/21

Hey, Josh, I totally agree. I think we're all really excited about what audio can do. And I mean, just to take the example of Twitter, I think all those toxic encounters and conversations you see every day where people are just yelling at each other and calling them names. It's hard to think that could happen in an audio format where you would have to literally yell in your phone to be that angry at another person. So I think we're really hopeful and excited about the possibility for audio to just lead to of real or healthier internet, like you said.

Brandon Toner 馃尡 路 6/18/21

Whoa. I love this. Congrats. David, Noah. Sam, this is so cool. I have a million ideas as I Scroll through this feed, and this is one of the most important innovations I've seen in audio sharing that I've come across. This is mind blowing. I'm excited to see what this does to podcasting, to conversations, to network ideas, and there are so many use cases and so many possible features. We'll talk on this. I'm going to look forward to brainstorming.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/18/21

Hey, thanks so much for the support, Brandon. I really appreciate it. And, Yeah, we're doing a lot of brainstorming on where to take this next and excited to bring some of our users in on that process as well. Maybe there's a future air space for us to host around those topics.

William Njau 路 6/19/21

Hey, guys, only 30 seconds to record an audio. I'm wondering who is going to make every air user become a fast talker now. Anyway, Congratulations. And everything.

Sam Rukeyser 路 6/19/21

Hey, William. Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see how fast people talk just to keep within that 30 second limit. If it gets really bad, maybe we'll have to add, like, half speed just so you can slow people down and understand them.

amogh chougule 路 6/22/21

Hi. This is Amok and Congratulations for shipping this. This is a great feature. I think it will involve more people into the audio tome. I just have one suggestion. Can we refer to a particular timestamp in the podcast for having a contextual conversation? Thank you.

David Lu 路 6/22/21

So currently you can add an error quote in order to reference a particular point in the podcast. If you Select Message Request, you'll see a space to add context. And then if you Select that button, you'll see all the air quotes that you can add to your request.